Choosing a Rehab Hospital

Choosing a Rehab Hospital

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rehab Hospital

  • Is care provided by an interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals under the direction of a physician who specializes in rehabilitation medicine?
  • Does the hospital offer advanced therapies and techniques, leading-edge technologies and clinical research in a rehabilitation center?
  • Is the medical staff available around the clock to manage your complex medical needs and monitor your progress?
  • Do specialized rehabilitation nurses manage your daily care?
  • Do experienced physical, occupational and speech therapists tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to your specific needs and provide therapy for a minimum of three hours a day, five days a week?
  • Do they provide therapy over the weekend?
  • Are psychology and neuropsychology services available to help you cope with the many challenges you may face?
  • Will you and your family meet regularly with the rehabilitation team to discuss goals, progress and discharge plans?
  • Does the hospital provide a continuum of inpatient through outpatient care, including a range of specialty services?
  • Are patient and family education programs, training and support groups available?
  • Does the hospital offer state-of-the-art equipment in a dynamic rehabilitation environment?
  • Does the hospital measure patient outcomes and satisfaction and do they make this information available?
  • Is the hospital accredited by an independent, nationally recognized organization, such as The Joint Commission and/or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)?

There is a Direct Correlation Between Quality of Care and Long-Term Success. Our Goal is to Achieve Both.

UF Health Rehab Hospital Nursing Homes
Close Medical Supervision by a Physician with Specialized Training Yes NOT REQUIRED
24-Hour Rehabilitation Nursing Yes NOT REQUIRED
Multidisciplinary Team Approach Yes NOT REQUIRED
Three Hours of Intensive Therapy Five out of Seven Days* Yes NOT REQUIRED

* Therapy is provided during weekends

The specialists at UF Health Rehab Hospital develop individualized treatment plans for every patient and work with each person to accomplish his or her goals, providing a level of rehabilitation care not available anywhere else in the region.

Criteria For Admission To Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Criteria for Rehab HospitalNeed for continued close medical supervision and 24-hour availability of a physician with specialized training or experience in rehabilitation. (The physician may also ask for a psychologist to be consulted based on assessed needs.)
  • Twenty-four hour rehabilitation nursing is required. (A rehabilitation registered nurse develops and monitors the nursing plan of care, manages complex medical issues, provides ongoing patient and family education and continues the techniques for functional and cognitive improvement throughout the 24-hour day.)
  • Ability to benefit from a relatively intense level of rehabilitation services. (The intensity level is based on an individual patient’s assessed needs and stamina.) The two therapy disciplines involved are physical and occupational therapy, but may also include speech language pathology and other skilled rehabilitative services.
  • You will receive three hours of therapy a day at least five days a week. Therapy is provided during the weekend. (An interdisciplinary team provides a coordinated program of care working toward significant practical improvement to achieve realistic goals.

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