Recreational Therapy

Patient receiving physical therapy

Recreation therapy provides services that promote return to leisure interests and community interactions. It introduces patients to adaptive equipment, techniques and strategies that allow them to return to previous leisure interests despite current physical and/or cognitive challenges. Therapy is done in group sessions or in one-on-one sessions with a licensed recreational therapist. Our recreational therapy staff often rely on the Arts in Medicine program and the Animal Assisted Therapy program for the enrichment of the patients’ experiences.

Recreation therapists promote an increase in social and emotional wellbeing through individual and group settings/sessions. They work with patients to increase leisure awareness through introduction of new activities and community resources. 

Treatment Methods

  • Leisure programming
  • Adaptive sports
  • Technology (video game systems, Mondopad BITS, iPads, computers, etc.)
  • Community Reintegration Program 


All recreational therapy staff members are certified therapeutic recreation specialists.