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The UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital is a 40-bed acute rehab hospital in Gainesville, Florida for patients who have suffered strokes, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, amputations, burns or major joint replacements.

The UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital brings together a multi-disciplinary team of University of Florida and community physicians specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Shands therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals, all dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives while dealing with major traumas, injuries or diseases.

Rehab Hospital Information - Stroke


A stroke occurs when a blood vessel leading to or in the brain becomes blocked or ruptures, interrupting the flow of oxygen.

Rehab Hospital Information - Brain Injury


Since the brain provides us with the abilities to think, remember, sense, feel, and move, all bodily functions are in danger when the brain is injured. 

Rehab Hospital Information - Spinal Injury


Spinal cord trauma cause weakness and sensory loss at and below the point of the injury, and the severity depends on the extent of the injury.

Rehab Hospital Information - Burns


A burn is an injury to tissues of the body caused by heat, electricity, chemicals or radiation. Burns are measured by degrees.

Rehab Hospital Information - Joint Replacement


Large joints like the hips and the knees are key in helping us walk. Major joint replacement can require extensive therapy.

Rehab Hospital Information - Amputation


Amputations may be necessary if there has been a major accident or if the limb has suffered a major blood clot, infection or disease.