Technology of the UF Metastatic Cancer ProgramHealing through science. Healing through hope. 

Technology of the UF Health Metastatic Cancer Program

Treatments available through the University of Florida Health Metastatic Cancer Program are based on destroying lesions with ablative cancer therapy.  Ablative (destruction of a part of biological tissue) cancer treatment uses targeted doses of radiation through stereotactic body radiation therapy, or SBRT, which is most effective at eradicating cancer with few side effects.

Powerful technology. Powerful results.

The innovative treatment tools of the UF Health Metastatic Cancer Program’s Gainesville and Jacksonville campuses advance the cause of precise, ablative radiation treatment with a number of state-of-the-art techniques.

For example, the 4-dimensional CT scan, optical tracking imaging system, and cutting-edge Philips Pinnacle3 treatment planning method are used to focus radiation directly on the tumor site and deliver effective doses to a precisely targeted area.

Seeing Metastatic Cancer Clearly

Even during a radiation therapy session, treatment specialists at the UF Health Metastatic Cancer Program are able to ensure that the recommended dose is accurately delivered to the cancer site through a special form of Image-guided Radiation Therapy, or IGRT.

IGRT provides exceptionally clear image access of the tumor to physicians, enabling them to precisely target it while directing a powerful dose of radiation to the site, effectively limiting the dose to surrounding healthy tissue. Additionally, while a patient undergoes each treatment, proven techniques of breathe-hold and shallow breathing are used to minimize the damage to normal structures that sometimes occurs as a result of patient movement.

The Elekta Synergy XVI 4-D CT digital accelerator is another distinct component of the UF Health Metastatic Cancer Program’s advanced technologies. Combined with advanced 4-D optical tracking technology, the Elekta Synergy machine is especially useful for physicians in precisely targeting diseased tissue and reducing damage to a patient’s healthy tissues.       

The Elekta XVI 4-D CT:

  1. Provides efficient CT scanning time and clear CT images to precisely locate the tumor before the treatment;
  2. Provides breathe-hold CT images to minimize the irradiation volume, and
  3. Provides a 4-D CT image to assess the tumor motion during the treatment.                     

The UF Health Metastatic Cancer Program’s specialists provide unrivaled expertise in the delivery of these technologies, and are further aided by cutting-edge developments like

  • Dynamic tumor-tracking system (pending FDA approval)
  • Exact track proprietary infrared guidance
  • Novalis body radiation technology

Additional therapies of the UF Health Metastatic Cancer Program include:

  • Tumor immune therapy
  • Tumor vaccine therapy
  • Tumor anti-vascular therapy
  • Surgery
  • Interventional pulmonology
  • Interventional radiology procedures
  • Chemotherapy
  • Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator 120 HD – offering 4D capabilities