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UF Rhinology Involved in Multiple Clinical Trials for Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Every otolaryngologist knows the frustrations that patients who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, or CRSwNP, experience, as well as the recurrent and recalcitrant nature of their polyps and symptoms. Unfortunately, to date, no cause or cure has been identified.

The UF Division of Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery stands at the forefront of offering patients new, promising treatments. Led by Jeb Justice, M.D., Brian Lobo, M.D., and Jennifer Mulligan, Ph.D., the UF Health Rhinology clinic has been selected by Astra-Zeneca, Regeneron and Glaxo-Smith-Kline as a site for multiple clinical trials to investigate the benefits of new therapies for CRSwNP known as ‘biologics,’ or monoclonal antibodies. UF Health Rhinology is part of a network of sites across the country chosen to conduct multiple clinical trials due to our high volume of recalcitrant sinus disease, revision cases (patients with multiple previous surgeries) and high-quality care.

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Patients with CRSwNP may be eligible to participate in these clinical trials, depending on their clinical characteristics and the results of different blood tests. These medications have been shown to be safe and effective in treating asthma and atopic dermatitis, and also have the ability to improve symptoms and help certain CRSwNP patients avoid multiple sinonasal surgeries.

Additional information and results from the clinical trials will be made available on UF’s Division of Rhinology’s site.

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