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Opioid Use in the Elderly
Psychiatric Times

Decriminalization of Attempted Suicide Across Asia- Information Technology Matters!
Asian journal of psychiatry

Pros and cons of medical cannabis use among people with chronic brain disorders
Current Neuropharmacology

Pros and Cons of Medical Cannabis use by People with Chronic Brain Disorders
Current Neuropharmacology

Pharmacotherapy for the Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia in Schizophrenia Patients
Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy

Psychiatry is a clinical neuroscience, but how do we move the field?
Asian Journal of Psychiatry

Opiate Use Disorders and Pain in the Elderly: Integrating Care With the Pain Specialist


Research Interests

Standord/VA Alzheimer's Research Center, Dr. Tinklenberg Dementia Evaluations according to the California Alzheimer's Research Center protocol.

MSU/KCMS, Dr. Michael Liepman: Urinary EtG levels after typical repeated hand washing with hand sanitizer in health care settings.

Stanford University, Research Assistant DR. Natalie Rasgon, Insulin resistance and mood changes, Reproductive endocrine function and mood in women with Bipolar Disorder, Estrogen use in protection with cognitive decline.

Stanford Univeristy, Research Assistant, Dr. Ira Glick, CATIE (comparatie effectiveness of Antipsychotic medication in patients with Schizophrenia), ZODIAC (comparative effectiveness of Geodon to Olanzapine)

Metabolic effects of Abilify on patients diagnosed with Schizophernia.

Study with a newer antipsychitic, Bifeprunox.