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Volunteer Application Process

We are pleased that you are interested in volunteering at UF Health Shands Hospital.

UF Health Shands Hospital has five different volunteer programs, each with its own application process: 

Student Volunteers (18+)

Complete the online orientation. 

Complete an Online Volunteer Application

Schedule a Placement Interview online through our Volunteer Information Center STARTING TUESDAY, May 13th at 9:00 AM.

  • Interested applicants for Summer MUST schedule a Placement Interview online. Placement interviews CANNOT be made by phone, email, or in person. 
  • To make scheduling easier, know which Placement Interviews you are able to attend before trying to schedule.
  • You may only schedule one placement appointment per volunteer. 
  • When all the Placement Interviews are full your name will automatically be added to our waiting list.
  • All interviews are held around the corner from the Shands Volunteer Services office, located on the Ground floor of UF Health Shands Hospital in room G083. Take the Atrium elevators to the ground floor, and follow the signs. 

What to bring to your Interview/How to dress

A printed copy of Placement Interview verification. 

  • Occupational Health clearance: Pick up the Tuberculosis (TB) Surveillance Form and Service Record form from Shands Volunteer Services. Take the form along with your immunization records (see the bullet below) to Occupational Health (Room 1004) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Clearance from Occupational Health must be done PRIOR to your Placement Interview. 
  • Your Spring schedule (so you are able to verify when you are free to volunteer weekly!). 
  • Dress: Out of respect for our patients and their families we ask that you not wear shorts, tank tops, gym clothes, and midriff baring tops.

Obtain copies of medical records verifying the following:

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella: Documentation of two (2) measles/mumps/rubella vaccinations or serological (laboratory testing) proof of immunity to measles and rubella (German measles)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Verification of having Chicken Pox can be noted on Tuberculosis (TB) Surveillance form OR documentation of two varicella vaccinations.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine series: Required for those interested in volunteering in the ER or OR.
* All applications are available for download in PDF format.


Pet Visitation

If you would like to volunteer to participate in the pet visitation program, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete step 1 listed above under Student Volunteers.
  2. Complete the Pet Visitation volunteer application (.pdf).
  3. Obedience: Obtain verification that you and your pet have completed an obedience course or are a member of an organization. If you do not have proof or if you and your dog have not attended a course or joined an organization, then you can obtain verification of your dog's good temperament from your veterinarian, located on the pet application.
  4. Animal health certificate: Have your veterinarian complete the health certificate located on the pet application.
  5. Call 352-265-0360. Please bring your completed volunteer application, a copy of your medical records, animal obedience certificate and animal health certificate to your interview at the Volunteer Services Department. The Volunteer Services Department is located on the first floor of UF Health Shands Hospital in room 1223 across from the food court.
  6. Additional information about being a Pet Visitation volunteer.

UF Health Shands Hospital Auxiliary

The UF Health Shands Hospital Auxiliary is a service organization for adults that provides assistance to staff and comfort to patients. The Auxiliary also implements fundraising programs. Volunteers interested in joining the Auxiliary must meet the general requirements in addition to the requirements listed below:

  1. Time: Auxilians are expected to serve at least twice a month in their assigned service.
  2. Auxiliary meetings: Auxilians are asked to attend all general meetings of the auxiliary and individual service meetings when invited.
  3. Active member dues: Active members to the auxiliary are asked to pay $5 a year in dues.

Adult Volunteers

Adult volunteers are accepted throughout the year. If you would like to become an adult volunteer, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete step 1 listed above under Student Volunteers.
  2. Complete the Adult Volunteer Application.
  3. Call the Volunteer Office for additional information. 352.265.0360.