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UF Health Cancer Center

Oncologists at The UF Health Cancer Center in Gainesville are dedicated to serving the residents of Florida with state-of-the-art cancer treatment, prevention, control and education.

Courtney Bailey


Our cancer experts work to ensure coordinated care is available to each patient through diagnosis, treatment and recovery — putting you at the center of everything we do.

The UF Health Cancer Center offers a range of diagnostic, treatment and after care services for all types of adult and children’s cancer.

One of the great benefits of receiving cancer care at an academic health center like UF Health is patient access to the most advanced medical research, treatments and technologies. As an academic health center, our clinician-scientists participate in research that has a direct impact on improved patient outcomes, and access to the very latest cancer-killing technologies and drugs. This unusual combination of research, technology and advanced patient care results in better outcomes and quality of life for our cancer patients and their families.

Dr. Spiguel and every member of my team is amazing. I have immense love for them and feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have them in my corner.

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My doctors at UF Health knew exactly how to treat me. Now I’m healthy, and I get to come out here and do what I love most.

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In June 2023, the UF Health Cancer Center became Florida’s newest NCI-designated cancer center. Only Cancer Centers that meet the highest standards for research and development in creating innovative approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment achieve this level of distinction. An NCI-designation gets us a step closer to realizing our vision of a future where everyone has access to individually tailored treatments and leading-edge clinical trials that reduce the burden of cancer in our community and beyond.

NCI Cancer Center badge

Our caring team of specialists provide comprehensive, individualized treatment options, access to the latest clinical trials and superior outcomes. That’s why we’re North Central Florida’s only Cancer Center of Excellence.

The UF Health Cancer Center stands alone in the state of Florida in its unique ability to blend comprehensive patient care and innovative research in a collaborative environment.

Our Cancer Center Locations

UF Health offers a number of locations delivering cancer care that falls under the umbrella of the NCI-designated UF Health Cancer Center. These locations range from hospitals and clinical practices to rehabilitation centers and the Proton Therapy Institute.

Our Cancer Center Experts

At UF Health, we are proud to bring together specialists and researchers from multiple disciplines who focus on translating leading-edge science into hands-on, personalized care for patients.

UF Health Regional Network of Cancer Providers

The UF Health Cancer Center works in close collaboration with our larger regional network of cancer providers and facilities across Florida, including UF Health Jacksonville, UF Health St. Johns and UF Health Central Florida. We are committed to providing high-quality cancer care that is easily accessible to patients in their own neighborhoods. We understand the significance of personalized care during challenging times, and we are here to provide support and expertise every step of the way.

  • UF Health Central Florida: (352) 323-5665
  • UF Health Jacksonville: (904) 244-0411
  • UF Health St. Johns: (904) 819-4793

Appointments with Our Specialty Teams

Schedule an appointment with one of our specialty multi-disciplinary teams by calling the following numbers:

UF Health Medical Oncology
(352) 265-0725

UF Health Radiation Oncology
(352) 265-0287

Preston A. Wells, Jr., Center for Brain Tumor Therapy
(352) 273-6990

Blood Cancers and Bone Marrow Transplant Program
(352) 273-9120

Bone Cancer
(352) 273-7001

Breast Cancer
(352) 265-7070

GI / Colon Cancer
(352) 265-0535

Gynecological Cancer
(352) 265-8200

Head and Neck Cancer
(352) 265-0725

Hereditary Cancer
(352) 265-9796

Lung Cancer
(352) 273-8740

Pancreatic Cancer
(352) 265-0535

Pediatric Cancer
(352) 265-8250

Skin Cancer
(352) 594-1500

Urologic Cancer
(352) 265-8240

Cancer Rehabilitation Services

After going through cancer treatments, patients may find themselves unable to perform the activities they once could. Our cancer rehabilitation specialists work with patients living with cancer and cancer survivors to maintain and improve their emotional well-being and physical function.

The cancer rehabilitation specialists at UF Health perform comprehensive evaluations and rehabilitative care – from physical and occupational therapy to other supportive services.

For patients with breast and gynecological cancers, our cancer rehabilitation physicians provide pre- and post-operative screenings as well as management of upper and lower extremity lymphedema.

Many cancer patients suffer from musculoskeletal complications during their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our specialists help provide education on lifestyle changes and exercises that can help patients improve physically during and after cancer treatment. We also provide long-term care to evaluate our patients’ rehabilitation needs long after the completion of their treatment.

UF Health Radiation Oncology – Davis Cancer Pavillion

Radiation Oncology at UF Health – Davis Cancer Pavilion in Gainesville provides advanced therapies for prostate cancer. New technologies include PLUVICTO for advanced prostate cancer and MRI-based imaging with SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel placement in a 20-day Moderate Hypofractionated accelerated course of treatment. Learn more about our leading-edge technologies that minimize side effects and promote quality of life for prostate cancer patients.

Linac Unity machine

UF Health Proton Therapy Institute

An additional treatment option for some prostate cancer patients is proton therapy. The UF Health Proton Therapy Institute is the first and leading proton therapy facility in the Southeast. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, our expert physicians have treated more than 10,000 patients and over 20 cancer types, helping patients around the world achieve excellent success and quality of life.

Outside of Proton Therapy Institute

University of Florida Cancer and Genetics Research Complex

Cancer genetics research complex

The Cancer and Genetics Research Complex at the University of Florida houses the offices of UF Health Cancer Center leadership and the laboratories of cancer researchers focused on translating research breakthroughs into applied clinical treatments. The 280,000 square foot facility is home to an array of interdisciplinary research programs pursuing discoveries related to cancer, genetics and biotechnology, among other disciplines.

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