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Image of a wrecked iPhone

Researchers: Thin, silver nanowires may hold key to flexible and safe touchscreens

Jul 9, 2019

An unexpected ability of cells to bend metal determines the safety of silver nanowires — highly...

UF Health researchers identify nine noncancer drugs with the potential to improve cancer survival

Jul 2, 2019

UF Health researchers sifting through millions of electronic health records found evidence that...

World-renowned neurogeneticist to join UF Health

Jun 25, 2019

On Sept. 1, renowned neurogeneticist Matthew Farrer, Ph.D., internationally recognized for his work...


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From the Hope & Healing Blog

by Devin Nori • Jul 22, 2019
Craniofacial deformities include birth defects in the face or head. Many people know about cleft lips and cleft palates , but that tends to be where...READ MORE