Two-drug combo shows dramatic results for COVID-19 patients, UF Health researchers find

By Kelly Sobers • Jan 26, 2021 • Lead Story

Combining an anti-inflammatory drug with an antiviral drug reduces recovery time and accelerates improvement for COVID-19 patients, a national study co-authored by UF Health researchers has found. Patients treated with a...

UF Health pharmacist Clayton Johnston administers a second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Dr. Nicole Iovine, chief epidemiology officer for the UF Health Shands Hospital system.

UF Health expanding access to COVID-19 vaccinations

By Bill Levesque • Jan 5, 2021 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

With the novel coronavirus continuing its unabated march through communities local and global, University of Florida Health is moving into the next stage of its COVID-19 vaccination program this week as it begins to offer...

UF Health researcher answers top questions about the new COVID-19 vaccines

By Bill Levesque • Jan 4, 2021 • Lead Story

The leading COVID-19 vaccines aren’t anything like the polio vaccination your grandparents received — or even the flu shot you got this fall. A look under the hood unveils a remarkable advancement in medicine. The COVID-19...

Emily Benitez lifts the sleeve of her outfit to receive an injection of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. A woman wearing a white medical coat provides the injection. Both are wearing masks.

Moderna vaccinations begin for health care employees at UF Health in Gainesville

By Bill Levesque a... • Dec 23, 2020 • Lead Story

University of Florida Health faculty and staff today began receiving a vaccine developed by Moderna, the second of two authorized vaccines upon which rest the hopes of ending a relentless pandemic. At 10 a.m., David R. Nelson, M...

UF Health in Gainesville begins vaccinating high-risk health care employees against COVID-19

By Bill Levesque, ... • Dec 16, 2020 • Lead Story

After months of anguish and anticipation, after the long days and the longer nights of a pandemic that has stressed communities across Florida, the nation and the world, Gainesville took the first step today toward an eventual...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Molly Brennan • Jan 8, 2021
Eastside High School sophomore Akash Verma may be one of the busiest 16-year-olds in Alachua County. Akash is a member of his school’s Key Club,...READ MORE

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Eternally Intertwined

August 2020

Husband, widow donate organs to same man 16 years apart.

Health In A Heartbeat

Walnuts are good for the heart

Jan 28, 2021

The Romans called them Jupiter’s royal acorn. Some experts say they’re the oldest tree food known to man, with evidence of their consumption dating back 7,000 years. In ancient Persia, they were reserved for royalty. We introduce you to the hearty walnut. It’s not just any nut. Scientists are...

Animal Airwaves

Corneal Ulcers: A Common and Painful Eye Problem in Pets

Jan 22, 2021

Scratches or abrasions of the eye, known as corneal ulcers, are a common eye problem diagnosed in pets. Ulcers of the cornea can occur for a variety of reasons and can be very painful to animals experiencing them. While all corneal ulcers require treatment, some cases may require immediate...