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Human, animal doctors save dog with life-threatening heart condition

By Sarah Carey • May 25, 2016

A tiny dog treated at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital for a life-threatening heart condition is recuperating at home after receiving a procedure often performed in human medicine but believed to be the first of...

Flu vaccination programs have potential to be self-sustaining in Florida

By Evan Barton • May 23, 2016

School-located influenza vaccination programs led by local health departments could be cost-effective throughout the state of Florida, according to a study published recently in the journal Vaccine. “Our research shows that these...

Study shows pain causes older adults to develop more inflammation over a longer period of time

By Morgan Sherburne • May 4, 2016

When older relatives complain about their pains, show a little empathy, because new research suggests that as we age, we may all become more sensitive to pain. A small, preliminary University of Florida Health study has suggested...

Striving to carry on the legacy of psychiatrist Richard Christensen, who lived to serve

By Michelle Jaffee • Apr 28, 2016

The life and work of Richard C. Christensen, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at the University of Florida who served the homeless population for 25 years, were honored April 22 by colleagues and the public in a standing-room-only...

Exercise genes? Study suggests certain people with depression may benefit from exercise

By Morgan Sherburne • Apr 27, 2016

Call it personalized medicine for depression — but the prescription in this case is exercise, which University of Florida Health researchers have found helps people with certain genetic traits. A UF study has found that specific...


A recipe for a healthy community

April 2016

Robust research, healthy community
A UF Health program helps North Florida eat well, access health care and participate in research.

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Health In A Heartbeat

Wearable sweat-analysis device offers clues for diagnosis

May 30, 2016

What does your sweat say about you? If you think it doesn’t reveal much, think again. A new, wearable device can analyze skin temperature and the chemical content of sweat. As fancy as that sounds, it begs another question: Why would you want to know so much about your sweat, or someone else’s? For...

Animal Airwaves

AA LIVE: “Animal CSI”: Veterinary Forensics

May 7, 2016

Knowledge gained in the field of human forensic science and medicine has helped forge an exciting new field of veterinary forensic sciences. Dr. Jason Byrd, associate director of the William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine at the University of Florida and a leader in this emerging area, will...

On The Same Page

Graduate Education in Biomedical Science

May 27, 2016

Under the UF Health Forward Together strategic plan, the key goal in education was to update professional curricula across the academic health center colleges to include more small group learning, simulation, early clinical experience, interdisciplinary training and other innovations. While much... Read More