Endometriosis is a common disorder which is characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue that is outside of the uterus and affects 7-15 percent of women.

The effects of the disease can be physically and mentally debilitating. Endometriosis is the most common single cause of chronic pelvic pain (CPP), reported to occur in 30-80 percent of women with CPP. Moreover, endometriosis represents one of the major causes of infertility.

Current therapies for treating endometriosis include surgical and medical techniques aimed at cytoreduction or hormonal suppression, respectively. Since endometriosis has a tendency to progress or recur following surgery or after medical treatment, these strategies may only offer temporary symptom relief with many women experiencing unsatisfactory results unless treatment with radical surgery in the form of removing uterus and both ovaries is attempted.

Patients with endometriosis and looking to conceive may require fertility promoting minimally invasive surgery. In the absence of tubal or severe male fertility issues, fertility drugs can be used for superovulation and intrauterine insemination. Some couple may also need IVF to conceive.