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Outpatient Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer Patients

UF Health urology offers advanced technologies and surgical techniques that deliver practical, real-time benefits for patients. An outpatient prostatectomy allows prostate cancer patients to go home on the same day as surgery.

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What is a robotic prostatectomy?

A robotic prostatectomy generally refers to prostate removal surgery for prostate cancer. sometimes this procedure is referred to as a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy, or robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RARP or RALP). This is a minimally invasive surgery and uses robotic assistance. This helps improve visualization and dexterity for urological surgeons. Generally, the robot used is the Da Vinci surgical system. The benefits of using robotic surgery for patients include:

  • A smaller incision area

  • Faster healing and recovery

What is the difference between an outpatient robotic prostatectomy versus a traditional inpatient robotic prostatectomy?

The main distinction between outpatient and traditional inpatient robotic prostatectomies is the duration of the hospital stay. While most robot-assisted radical prostatectomy patients in the USA, over 95%, typically spend one night in the hospital after prostate surgery, those eligible for the outpatient option are discharged on the same day as their surgery. Many patients strongly prefer this approach. This approach also offers several benefits for recovery and overall well-being.

What are the benefits of an outpatient prostatectomy?

In particular, spending the first night post-surgery in the familiar and comforting surroundings of one's own home, with the support of loved ones and access to familiar meals, can enhance overall comfort and potentially expedite the recovery process. Additionally, getting up and moving around early after prostate cancer surgery can contribute to the recovery process. It also reduces the risk of complications, such as blood clots. Less time in the hospital also may be associated with a lower risk of hospital-acquired infections. Thus, the primary goals of an outpatient prostatectomy are patient-centered, with our urological cancer team prioritizing the physical recovery and emotional well-being of patients.

Who is a good candidate for an outpatient prostatectomy?

At UF Health, for men who are interested in the same-day discharge prostatectomy pathway, patients must live within about one hour of the hospital. Alternatively, they must be staying in a hotel within one hour of the hospital on the evening of surgery. Surgical candidates must also have a good support system, and family or caregiver with them overnight the evening of surgery.

What is important to understand is that our urologic cancer surgeons are flexible to the needs of our patients. While most men who opt for the outpatient prostatectomy procedure will successfully go home the same day, our surgeons assure our patients that they are fully prepared to adapt to each patient's needs. If any unexpected factors arise during or after the surgery, we always have the option to adjust our plan. This may include the possibility of an overnight stay. This gives additional peace of mind knowing that our patients’ care plans are adaptable to their individual situation.

Leading-Edge Prostate Cancer Care

From diagnosis to treatment, UF Health offers the most advanced care options for prostate cancer patients. In addition to outpatient prostatectomies, this includes:

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