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Improving health for our patients and communities is at the heart of everything we do at UF Health. As a responsible health care organization, we strive to prevent disease and provide the highest-quality medical care, while ensuring a safe, healthy, clean and welcoming environment for everyone on our campuses.


Our policies apply to our faculty, staff, students and volunteers as well as our patients and visitors. These efforts reflect our commitment to maintain a healthy environment for everyone who seeks care or works at UF Health.

  • We do not permit smoking or the use of tobacco products on campus and in our buildings. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco (chew or dip). Our campuses include our buildings, parking lots, garages and roadways.
  • We prohibit the presence and use of illicit/illegal drugs and alcohol on our campuses and in our buildings.
  • We also prohibit the presence and use of knives, guns or other weapons in our buildings.

Common Questions

Are there designated smoking areas on UF Health campuses?

No. Having designated smoking areas would not support our tobacco-free policies. We strive to ensure a safe, healthy, clean and welcoming environment for everyone who seeks care or works on our campuses, and we are dedicated to preventing disease and promoting health.

Am I allowed to smoke on public property adjacent to our campuses, such as a public sidewalk?

Although you can use tobacco on public property, we ask that staff, volunteers, visitors and patients do not smoke in the vicinity of our campuses. Many public areas are close to our facilities and we ask that smokers respect everyone who seeks care or works on our campuses. We want to - eliminate second-hand smoke for our patients, faculty, and staff.

Is the use of electronic cigarettes allowed?

E-cigarettes are not permitted under our tobacco-free policies. People who use electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) inhale a vapor that may contain nicotine as well as other flavors and chemicals.

What are you doing to manage people who smoke on campus or on the edge of campus?

UF Health has a tobacco and contraband task force with representatives from several departments, including nursing, operations, HR, safety and security, quality and patient safety and communications. We are working together to monitor and address the use of tobacco products on UF Health campuses and reinforce our tobacco-free policies. UF Health Shands Hospital Security and UF Police Department teams are increasing patrol of areas on campus where smokers tend to gather.

We will continue working to enforce tobacco use on campus. However, there are several visible locations on the edge of campus that are public property. We are exploring opportunities to address tobacco use in these areas where possible.

Need help quitting?

Please talk with your health care provider or check out these resources: