DNA Day 2016

The University of Florida Genetics Institute celebrated its second DNA Day event Wednesday, April 20. Over 100 people from around campus visited to learn about the role genetics plays in their lives. 

The most popular event was hosted by the Genetics Club– spooling DNA from strawberries. Students crushed strawberries in a bowl, added a few solutions, and watched as the white strands of DNA accumulated in the tops of their test tubes.

Visitors learned about horse genetics through games organized by researchers from UFGI faculty member Samantha Brooks' lab. A representative from the Sickle Cell Association of Florida shared information about Sickle-cell disease, and Genetics Institute graduate students volunteered to help visitors build DNA structures out of candy.

UF President Kent Fuchs visited during the afternoon, watching alongside students as they spooled DNA from strawberries, and speaking with Brooks' lab members about their work.

Students, staff and faculty used Twitter to share why they wanted to win a free 23andMe kit. The kit was awarded to Theresa Badurek, a UF/IFAS extension urban horticulture extension agent and master gardener coordinator.

Badurek said, "I'd love to win the kit to learn more about my genes– I was adopted and have NO family history!"