Older adults with knee osteoarthritis study


Adults with knee osteoarthritis pain may be eligible to participate in this study. Compensation provided.

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Study purpose

The purpose of this study is to understand if a non-invasive intervention could help individuals knee osteoarthritis (OA) manage their pain.

This non-invasive intervention may involve asking your thoughts on pain response and showing you educational materials about pain management. There is no pharmaceutical treatment involved in this study.

In addition, people from different ethnic and racial groups may experience knee osteoarthritis differently, and it is important to find out why this might be the case.

Therefore, we are interested in how your racial and ethnic background may affect your experience of knee osteoarthritis.

What does participation involve?

Your expected length of participation consists of two visits and we expect that all visits will be complete within one week.

The study will be completed on the University of Florida Gainesville campus and free parking is provided.

If you are eligible and agree to participate in the study, you may be asked to complete some of the following:

  • Answer clinical medical history and participate in a physical exam
  • Answer questionnaires about your thoughts and feelings about pain
  • Participate in a brain MRI
  • Complete pain sensory testing including heat pain sensitivity, pressure sensation and a mechanical pain assessment. You can stop these tests at any time so that you do not experience pain you find unacceptable.
  • Participate in one of two groups to see which method is best at helping individuals manage knee pain. You will be randomly assigned (much like the flip of a coin) to one of the groups. The study team will explain the two groups to you in detail.

Monetary compensation is provided.

Are you eligible?

This study is for…

  • Adults 45 – 85 years old
  • Adults who are able to attend sessions on UF’s Gainesville campus
  • Adults with knee osteoarthritis

Additional criteria may apply.

See if you are eligible by contacting the study team:



Monetary compensation


Can be done from home



Knee, Knee pain, older adults, Osteoarthritis

Principal Investigator

Ellen Terry, PhD


College of Nursing

Contact Information


(352) 273-6441

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