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UF Health Pain Medicine Offers New Technology for Chronic Pain

Pain medicine technology

UF Health Pain Medicine has recently begun offering the SPRINT® peripheral nerve stimulation, or PNS, as a drug-free, minimally invasive way to block chronic pain.

Juan Mora, MD, an assistant professor of anesthesiology and medical director for the UF Health Pain Medicine Surgical Center, explained that patients who continue to experience neuropathic pain after initial treatment — that’s pain that can occur if the nervous system is damaged or not functioning correctly — have had few nonsurgical options.

“This procedure is minimally invasive and does not require incisions (only a needle insertion), takes about 20 to 30 minutes in an outpatient setting, and the placement of the electrode can be performed under local anesthesia or mild sedation,” he said.

How does SPRINT® PNS work?

Peripheral nerve stimulation works by delivering tiny electrical pulses to a patient’s nerves, interrupting pain messages and decreasing pain symptoms.


Your physician will implant a tiny wire, about the thickness of a strand of hair, beneath your skin to target a specific peripheral nerve. This is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedure that requires no incisions or stitches.

What conditions does SPRINT® PNS help treat?

The SPRINT PNS system can provide long-term relief for conditions like phantom limb pain, occipital or ilioinguinal neuralgia, chronic knee and shoulder pain, and other peripheral neuropathies.

Has SPRINT® PNS been proven to work for pain medicine patients?

The SPRINT® PNS system has been studied extensively for its effect on a number of chronic and acute pain conditions. It is FDA-approved for treatment of up to 60 days and has demonstrated significant and sustained pain relief in most patients for at least 12 months.

Who would benefit from SPRINT® PNS?

SPRINT® PNS is a drug-free alternative to more invasive treatments such as ablation, permanent implants or surgery. It can provide relief to patients who have not responded to or would prefer to avoid treatments such as opioids or injections.


North Florida-area residents interested in learning more about SPRINT® PNS can call 352.265.7777 for more information.

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