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Aquatic Therapy

After initial evaluation, your therapist may make a recommendation of aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is one modality/technique that allows advancement of your rehab using the advantages of warm water exercise. Aquatic therapy maximizes the potential for recovery as it provides an environment to allow you to function at levels that might not be possible outside of the water. Aquatic therapy is used as a transitional tool to help you progress to land-based rehabilitation. Your therapist is working toward decreasing your pain, while increasing mobility, strength and endurance for activities of daily living.

The water in the aquatic pool is a tool to provide exercise in an unweighted environment. The water is between 92 and 95 degrees – water temperature is adjusted as needed to accommodate special patient needs.

You may see equipment in the pool such as:

  • Badu jet for resistance training at Magnolia Parke
  • Underwater treadmill at Magnolia Parke
  • Variety of flotation and resistance tools used during therapy

UF Health Rehab Centers offering this service:

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