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Cardio-Pulmonary Physical Therapy

Cardio-pulmonary physical therapy is an integral part of any rehab services. Our outpatient clinic has a team of physical therapists who can help you become more active and independent at home as well as in the community. Research has proven cardio-pulmonary therapy to be very beneficial when dealing with conditions such as obstructive or restrictive lung disease, general deconditioning, as well as after heart, lung or bone marrow transplant.

Some benefits may include reduced shortness of breath, improved activity tolerance, reduced hospitalization and improved quality of life.

After a thorough evaluation of the patient’s functional abilities using standardized testing, medical history and review of the patient's personal goals, a custom program will be developed. The prescribed program is tailored to your specific needs. Some new skills you may learn while attending physical therapy include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Energy conservation tips
  • Airway clearance strategies to improve your ability to clear your lung of mucus
  • How to use a PEP (positive expiratory pressure device) and/or spirometer
  • Stretching exercises to improve breathing
  • Strengthening exercises and aerobic conditioning
  • Safe body mechanics
  • Monitoring vitals (oxygen saturation, heart rate and blood pressure)


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