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Patient Blood Management

Patient Blood Management uses safe and effective medical and surgical techniques. These techniques are designed to prevent anemia and decrease bleeding during a procedure. Patient Blood Management is often abbreviated as PBM.

Close up of a blood bag in in a medical setting, being held by a person wearing medical gloves.

Benefits to the patient

  • Improves patient safety by minimizing exposure to blood
  • Reduces hospital length of stay
  • Minimizes risk of exposure to viruses and other blood-borne diseases
  • Decreases the risk of hospital-acquired complications and infections
  • Promotes improved outcomes
  • Enhances quality of life and well-being
  • Seeks to reduce the need for blood transfusion

How it works

  • A patient is given a diagnosis
  • Your health care team will evalaute your specific needs for managing your diagnosis
  • Your providers will discuss your options with you
  • Together, you'll make decisions on how to procede in your care

This approach is most likely to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcome.

What is bloodless medicine?

Bloodless medicine is a special way of treating you without transfusing blood. It uses different methods to prevent you from losing too much blood. This can be helpful for people who choose not to receive blood transfusions and for when blood transfusions are not an option.

Anemia screening

Screening for anemia is important because anemia can increase risks for patients who undergo surgery. Patient blood management programs seek to lessen these risks by treating anemia before surgery.

Hear about PBM from our team

Patient Blood Management at UF Health graphic

Referral center

UF Health is recognized as a center for Bloodless Surgical Care.


UF Health is one of a small number of US institutions that has access to Hemopure.

  • Hemopure is an artificial blood substitute made from cow blood
  • Hemopure is a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier. It acts as a bridge while the body regenerates its own blood

The drug provides options for people:

  • With life-threatening anemia who have no other alternatives
  • Who decline transfusions for religious reasons

Hemopure is available only under investigational status through the FDA expanded access program. It is only available to qualifying patients in specific circumstances. Patients must be referred by a physician to UF Health.

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