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  • Erik Del Castillo

    Rapid Recovery After Stroke Erik Del Castillo made a strong recovery from a stroke because of early detection of symptoms and rapid treatment from our…

    Erik Del Castillo and his family
  • Barbie Diaz

    "When stroke strikes young." Healthy and active Barbie Diaz suffered a stroke at age 18 while driving, which caused her to crash and hit another car. Diaz was…

    Barbie Diaz giving an interview
  • Lillian Rooks

    "Fortunately, her daughter recognized the signs of stroke." Lillian Rooks, 59 years old, awoke one spring morning, and felt like she did any other ordinary…

    Lillian Rooks speaking to a crowd
  • Robert Passmore

    "He was having a brain attack." Robert Passmore felt a strange sensation as he was sitting on the couch one day. He tried to get up, but couldn’t. After a few…

    Robert Passmore smiling
  • Catherine Flanigan

    "Remarkable results after stroke." Catherine awoke in the middle of the night and was unable to move her legs. Her husband’s face was distorted, and the words…

    Catherine Flanigan and her family
  • William Gray

    "Swift stroke care means more memories." Twenty-eight years ago, William and Willa Gray were on their honeymoon, soaring toward the top of a glacier in a…

    William Gray