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Coy Heldermon, MD, PhD

Cancer Specialist (Oncologist)

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About me

As an associate professor of medicine and breast cancer specialist in the University of Florida Division of Hematology and Oncology, my passion lies in the intersection of patient care and groundbreaking research. As an oncologist, my primary focus is on breast cancer, and I've dedicated my career to improving treatment options for patients. I am aware of the limitations of conventional therapies, particularly when it comes to addressing inflammatory breast cancer.

In my role, I actively engage in research aimed at developing more effective breast cancer treatments through innovative approaches. These experiments enable us to develop and refine novel treatment strategies that hold the promise of providing better outcomes for our patients. Beyond my work in breast cancer, I am also deeply committed to the field of lysosomal storage diseases. I played an instrumental role in establishing the pediatric and adult multidisciplinary lysosomal storage disease clinic at UF, which I currently direct. Here, I provide compassionate care to patients with these conditions and actively engage in clinical trials focused on gene replacement, substrate reduction and enzyme replacement therapies.

My research extends beyond the lab as well. I collaborate closely with esteemed investigators at UF to conduct studies on patient-derived xenograft tumors. These models allow us to tailor drug testing in an individualized manner, all with the ultimate goal of better serving our patients.

My interests extend even further into the realm of physician-scientist pursuits. I am deeply invested in the development of gene and stem cell therapies, with a particular emphasis on Sanfilippo syndrome Type B and other inherited disorders. In the pursuit of innovative treatments, I also possess extensive experience in utilizing viral vectors for gene therapy and harnessing the power of stem cells for gene delivery and regenerative approaches to disease treatment.

Ultimately, my dedication to patient care and advancing medical science drives every aspect of my work. It is my privilege to be a part of the medical community at UF, and I am committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those I serve.

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  • Breast Neoplasms , 11 publications
  • Cell Line, Tumor , 7 publications
  • Membrane Proteins , 6 publications
  • Neoplasms , 6 publications

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59 publications

725 citations

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