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What if I do not want metal braces?

There are many options today for those patients who do not want metal braces. For an additional fee, clear ceramic braces and a new treatment option called Invisalign are available in our clinics. University of Florida Department of Orthodontics is one of the leading research sites in the nation for this new treatment technology.

When should treatment begin?

There is no one answer to this because each orthodontic problem determines its own best starting time. For this reason, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child first visit an orthodontist at age 7. This allows the orthodontist to determine when a child's particular problem should be treated for maximum improvement with the least time and expense.

Do you treat adults?

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and about 25% of orthodontic patients today are adults. The biological process involved in tooth movement is the same in both adults and children.

Is dental work free at the College of Dentistry?

No, this is not a free clinic. Even though the University of Florida College of Dentistry receives some State funds, there are fees for procedures that go toward the operation of the clinics that make it possible to offer ongoing services at reasonable prices. However, the option of being seen by a resident or student dentist is considerably less expensive.

Do you accept private insurance?

No, we do not file any type of insurance. However, patients are encouraged to file on their own for reimbursement. For assistance, contact our financial counselor at (352) 846-2600.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes. Patients seeking treatment must be referred by a dentist or physician. Medicaid has strict guidelines about which cases they will accept for coverage. If you would like to see if your child qualifies, this is the process:

  • Obtain a referral from your dentist or physician. Your referring doctor must provide a detailed description as to why the patient needs orthodontic treatment. You can fax it to 352.846.2891, or bring it to the orthodontics residents clinic in room D1-30.
  • After a faculty orthodontist screens the referral, you'll be contacted to let you know if your child may qualify for treatment. If your child qualifies, we will schedule a screening appointment.
  • At the screening, if the orthodontist decides that your child may meet Medicaid's criteria, he/she will need to be seen in the graduate clinic so that records can be taken for approval by Medicaid. Your child will be placed on the resident clinic wait list; you will be called to schedule a records appointment when an opening becomes available.

Do you accept CMS?

Yes. When you call to set up a screening appointment, let the receptionist know that you have CMS. You must bring your CMS form to the screening appointment.