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Speech Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology is a specialization that deals with communication disorders as well as swallowing disorders.

Speech Language pathologists, called SLPs and also known as speech therapists, are experts in communication. They provide initial screening for disorders, make an assessment and diagnosis, and consult on management, intervention, and treatment for the disorder. Primary areas of concentration for Speech-Language Pathologists include speech, language, comprehension, and the cognitive aspects of communication (e.g., attention, memory). They also diagnose and treat disorders involving swallowing or other upper aerodigestive functions. Speech-Language Pathologists often work as part of a multidisciplinary team, providing information to doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and dietitians. SLPs work with people of all ages, from babies to adults. SLPs treat many types of communication and swallowing problems. These include problems with speech sounds, language, literacy, social communication, voice, fluency, cognitive-communication and feeding and swallowing

Pediatric speech and therapy

Pediatric rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach through which physical, occupational and speech-language pathologists treat children with special needs. Our therapists work together to ensure maximum progress toward the child’s developmental goals.

We provide occupational and physical therapy and speech therapy services in a collaborative environment of clinicians, rehab aides and clerical staff with expertise in a wide variety of pediatric diagnoses that are referred to our center. Among these diagnoses are cerebral palsy, genetic syndromes, developmental delay disorders, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD)/autism, speech disorders and language delays.

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