UF Health Palliative Care: Local Funeral Homes and Crematoriums

Final Arrangement Planning

Final Arrangement Planning PDF

A few things to consider when planning:

  • Full body burial vs. cremation
  • Pre-paid funeral arrangements
  • Financial cost comparison of providers
  • Religious and ethnic beliefs

Funeral Homes


Conservation “Green” Burial

What is Conservation Burial?

Natural (or “green”) burial is a safe and legal burial practice that uses biodegradable containers and avoids embalming fluids and vaults. Conservation burial goes a step further to commit burial fees to pay for land acquisition, protection, restoration, and management.

Community Resources

  • Alachua County Social Services - If your loved one is indigent, and dies in Alachua County, information on indigent cremation is available through Alachua County Social Services. Their contact number is (352) 264-6750.
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Information, resources and options for veterans on final arrangements and memorial planning can be found on the VA website.
  • Final Friends - An independent group of community volunteers who provide free education, guidance, and support for a “home funeral” to any individual or family who wants to care for their own deceased loved ones prior to burial or cremation.

Whole Body Donation Options

  • Anatomical Board of the State of Florida
    The Anatomical Board is an organization in Florida to which persons may donate their bodies. The program provides donated bodies for the training of physicians, dentists, physician assistants, and other health workers. The Anatomical Board supports research and continued and advanced training programs for physicians. The Anatomical Board has three offices. The main office is located at the University of Florida College of Medicine in the Health Science Center. One branch office is located at the University of Miami School of Medicine. The other branch office is located at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine at the Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona.
  • MedCure
    MedCure is the leading non-transplant tissue bank devoted to compassionate, ethical services that connect whole-body donors to medical research and education while providing innovation and opportunity for scientific medical advancements. MedCure is fully accredited through the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), the only U.S. national tissue banking organization.
  • Science Care
    Science Care is a program that gives you the opportunity to donate your body to science and research. The Science Care whole body donor program links those who wish to leave a lasting legacy through medical research with the researchers and educators that need human tissue to do their important work.