UF Health Sleep Center: Procedures and Tests

Physicians and technologists at the UF Health Shands Sleep Center offer several procedures to your doctor to monitor and treat a full range of sleep disorders.

These tests include:

CPAP Titration and Split Study Test

The CPAP titration is a test that measures the effectiveness of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), the most popular and least invasive form of sleep apnea treatment. During a CPAP titration, you will be “hooked-up” with the same equipment as in a standard complex polysomnography, but CPAP will be added and measured as you sleep.

Split study is a complex polysomnography and a CPAP titration broken up into two sections in one night. Your doctor may order this procedure if he or she suspects sleep apnea is the cause of your symptoms. It is important that you tell your sleep technologist if you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep in certain positions. Many times, the sleep technologists are unable to get both sections of the study done in one night. In the case that your study can not be split up the first night that you are in, the UF Health Shands Sleep Disorders Center will contact you after the first study has been analyzed to schedule the treatment portion.