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Forms and patient instructions

Please complete the following forms before coming to our office, and follow the instructions in the guides to prepare for your visit.

Elimination diet

Prior to your procedure, there are certain liquids you should remove from your diet. The drinks should be removed from the child's diet two weeks prior to the procedure. They can be gradually reintroduced following the procedure.

Avoid drinks

  • That are carbonated, like soda
  • That contain caffeine, including coffee, tea and chocolate
  • That have artificial colors (please also do not take vitamins with artificial colors)
  • That contain citrus
  • Mil and milk products after noon on the day before the procedur

Drinks that are allowed

  • Water
  • Cranberry juice
  • Nectars, including peaches, pears, apricots. These can be diluted with water if too thick
  • Apple juice
  • Any natural juices without artificial colors, additives or citrus

Before your surgery

  • The night before surgery, the patient will receive a call to go over the patient’s instructions, and they will be tailored to the child’s age.
  • For any additional questions, patients can contact the OR facility for more information.

After your surgery

  • Post-op patients should contact the clinic during business hours if they have any concerns at (352) 265-8250.
  • We use MyChart to answer questions and look at the patient's healing pictures during the hours of M-F 8-4:30 pm.
  • If there are any other concerns past those times, please call (352) 265-8240 and ask the resident on-call.