Research at UF Health

For Researchers

As a leading academic health center, UF Health embraces research as an integral part of its mission to promote health.

Over the past decade, the University of Florida has moved into the top tier of research universities by providing world-class faculty across 16 colleges with the resources they need to produce groundbreaking research and useful new products. UF Health, the university’s academic health center, plays a leading role in UF’s research enterprise, generating 52 percent of total research awards.

Our success is predicated on a multidisciplinary approach. Six distinguished health colleges, nine major research institutes, versatile research facilities (including UF Scripps Biomedical Research and the Research and Academic Center at Lake Nona) and statewide education and health delivery systems position us at the forefront of institutions that can advance discoveries along the full continuum of translational science--from laboratories to clinics to public health and policy arenas.

UF Scripps Biomedical Research

The UF Scripps Biomedical Research campus in Jupiter, Florida was founded by Scripps Research, one of the world’s most innovative nonprofit biomedical research organizations. Together, UF Health and UF Scripps work to advance science, science education and medicine, all for the benefit of humanity.

UF Health Researcher Resources

Researchers at the UF Academic Health Center have access to a remarkable array of resources, support systems and collaborators to facilitate their work.

  • Research Administration & Oversight
    Five key offices oversee the protection of research subjects and the administration of research funding, contracts and policies at UF.
  • Research Resources & Support
    Research support is offered by numerous offices and programs working across and within the colleges. Resources include research services, participant recruitment resources, and core laboratories and shared facilities.
  • Funding Opportunities
    A strategic portfolio of campus-wide intramural funding opportunities helps UF health researchers increase their competitiveness for public and private grant dollars. Individual colleges and departments also offer support for faculty members.
  • Collaboration Opportunities
    Opportunities for research collaborations abound at UF, which is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes.
  • Technology Licensing & Entrepreneurship
    With a long history of transforming scientific breakthroughs into useful new products, UF actively promotes the transfer of the university’s intellectual property to the marketplace.
  • Career Development
    Numerous research-related professional development and training opportunities exist for UF Academic Health Center students, faculty and staff.