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When life begins here, you’re part of our family. Newly-renovated rooms, plus everything else you need for you and your baby’s care.

At UF Health Women’s Center, we are leaders in providing compassionate patient-centered care that is tailored for the needs of individual women and their pregnancies. Our comprehensive team of clinicians, nurses and staff are highly skilled experts and provide quality care for both the most normal and the most complex of pregnancies.

When you choose UF Health, we want you to have the best experience bringing your little one into the world. Beginning with prenatal care, we have multiple locations for your convenience. Appointments can be made at our UF Health Women’s Center – Medical Plaza, UF Health Women’s Center – Springhill, UF Health Women’s Center – Haile Plantation and UF Health Women’s Center – Ocala Heath Brook locations.

When it comes time to deliver, our newly-renovated labor and delivery rooms encourage an environment of comfort and peace with various amenities including, wireless monitoring, soaking tubs, a couch/chair for spouse/support persons, a large flat screen television and more. At UF Health, you choose how to manage your labor and delivery. We offer various birth intervention options and encourage immediate skin-to-skin contact for you and your infant.

UF Health Shands Hospital Maternity Tour

Preparing to add a new member or members to your family is an exciting time. This video will walk you through your stay at UF Health Shands Hospital from arrival through discharge so you can be prepared when the time comes to deliver. Please note that most of the footage you will see in this video was filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, so your experience may be slightly different in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. Your health and the health of your child is our top priority, and we are happy you are with us on this journey.

UF Health maternity patient

Having your baby at UF Health

Sensitive, state-of-the-art prenatal care and childbirth

  • We provide individualized care in partnership with the woman and her family to ensure the most successful and personal outcome.
  • Centering Pregnancy group prenatal care program offered to help reduce the risk of premature birth.
  • Newly renovated rooms promote a tranquil birth environment complete with various amenities.
  • Complementary valet parking is available to pregnant patients and their driver for Triage visits and on the day of delivery. A voucher will be provided by Labor & Delivery staff.
  • Individualized approaches to labor – various levels of birth intervention available.
  • Skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby is encouraged for the first hour of birth to calm baby, promote healing and enhance connection.

Skilled professionals providing mother and baby care

  • A team of physicians, midwives and skilled staff are available to provide care for both routine and emergency conditions.
  • Post-birth, pediatricians come to you to see baby and perform in-room tests so you are fully involved in their care.
  • Certified lactation consultants and nurses to assist with breastfeeding, teaching techniques and helping mom learn what works for her and baby.

The teaching hospital advantage

Care is given at a variety of locations at UF Health. Delivery is at UF Health Shands Hospital, which is proud to be a teaching hospital. Medical knowledge changes rapidly, and we are dedicated to providing the most up to date, evidence-based knowledge. This is facilitated by having a team of attending physicians, fellows, residents and students, providing outstanding care by the level of knowledge and skill appropriate for a problem.

Immediate expert care for unexpected complications

  • Obstetric and gynecologic professionals are available in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions and care for any unexpected problems.
  • 24-hour obstetric anesthesiology coverage: An anesthesiologist is also present in the labor and delivery unit at all times and does not have to be called in to provide a labor epidural or help with an emergency cesarean.
  • Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, the highest level of neonatal care, to serve our most fragile patients.

Routine obstetric ultrasound

We believe all pregnant women should have the benefit of an ultrasound examination. Because of the specialized training and experience of our physicians and sonographers, we are experts in spotting problems with a pregnancy.

Genetic screening

Many genetic problems can occur in women with no risk factors. For this reason, we provide the full range of genetic screening tests for low- and high-risk women. For those who are unsure of which test to choose or who have special risks for specific genetic conditions, we offer the opportunity for counseling by master’s-trained genetic counselors.UF Health Shands Hospital is one of just seven hospitals in the state of Florida to receive the Baby-Friendly designation, an international initiative that aims to improve breastfeeding support for new mothers sponsored by UNICEF.

Prenatal diagnosis

UF Health Women's Center has a team of prenatal diagnosis specialists who can offer you a new perspective if you are expecting a baby with a known or suspected birth defect. Our maternal-fetal medicine team is internationally known for their expertise in prenatal diagnosis and ultrasound.

They provide you with comprehensive services that include:

Pregnancy Care Providers

Find UF Health Physicians and other health care providers offering pregnancy care services.

COVID-19 and pregnancy

You and your baby’s safety are of the utmost importance to us here at UF Health. That is why we are taking appropriate precautions to ensure your safety. Our desire is to keep all moms and babies as safe and healthy as possible during this time, using the highest level of resources and expertise.

  • We will continue to enforce our ongoing protective measures.
  • We have designated separate labor/delivery areas for moms who may have come into contact with COVID-19 and those who have not.

Vaccination is key to stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Learn more about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations for those pregnant and lactating.

High-Risk pregnancies

If needed, UF maternal-fetal medicine specialists are obstetricians with extra training and experience in high-risk pregnancy conditions, board-certified in both obstetrics and gynecology and maternal-fetal medicine. They provide special services, such as comprehensive obstetric ultrasound scans, prenatal genetic testing and coordinated care for those with other complex conditions. We diagnose and treat these and other conditions using proven methods. Since we teach residents and students as well as care for patients, we stay up-to-date on the latest medical research.

Problems with previous pregnancies

Medical conditions in pregnancy

Other high risk conditions

  • Increased maternal age
  • Twins and triplets
  • Post-dates pregnancy
  • Growth and amniotic fluid problems
  • Placenta problems/ bleeding in pregnancy
  • Birth defects
  • Rh disease
  • Uterine malformations