Pediatric Cardiac MRI/CT Center

The University of Florida Congenital Heart Center’s Pediatric Cardiac MRI/CT Center is a leading program in Florida and the southeast United States, providing state-of-the-art and expert care in diagnosing children and adults with CHD.

Pediatric Cardiac MRI & CT CenterDesignated a Center of Excellence, the program also promotes research that advances diagnostic methods for CHDs and other pediatric heart diseases using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, and computed tomography, or CT.

Providing pediatric MRI and CT scans for a decade, our physicians have extensive experience and training in developing child-oriented, diagnostic cardiac MRI/CT protocols. Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of experts from pediatric cardiology and radiology. Our cardiothoracic surgeons and other sub-specialty teams, such as transplant and adult congenital heart specialists, rely heavily on the diagnostic information our center provides.

The UF Health Congenital Heart Center provides ongoing care to children and adults with different forms of CHD, including structural defects such as tetralogy of Fallotatrial septal defectsanomalous pulmonary venous return, and single-ventricle palliation procedures like the Glenn and Fontan. We also offer care to children with cardiomyopathies and have undergone heart transplants.

Congenital heart conditions we treat include:

Acyanotic Heart Defects

Cyanotic Heart Defects

Cardiomyopathies and Heart Transplant Patients

  • Post-operative patients
  • Post-operative single-ventricle palliation, such as Glenn and Fontan procedures