Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urologists treat children with male reproductive tract and male and female urinary tracts. The most common urologic condition in children is urinary tract infection. Other conditions involve malformations or obstructions of the urinary system.

Each young patient will undergo a comprehensive physical examination and medical history. Some of the child’s urine will be collected and examined. Diagnostic tests also may include blood tests, imaging procedures and urine flow analysis.

Urinary tract infection

The urinary system consisting of two kidneys, the bladder, two ureters and the urethra filters waste and excess water from the blood to produce urine. Bacteria may infect the urinary tract from skin around the rectum and genitals. Infections, usually accompanied by pain and fever, are treated with antibiotics and usually are cured within a week. Doctors may recommend additional tests to check for other abnormalities. Untreated or repeated infections can cause serious kidney damage.