Financial Assistance

We provide emergency, urgent and medically necessary health care regardless of ability to pay. Learn more about emergency and urgent care under the EMTALA act.

Financial Assistance - UF Health Shands

If you are unable to pay, you may qualify for financial assistance. Assistance is based upon income. If your family adjusted income is less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for up to a 100% discount.

Applications, Policies and Forms

  • Financial assistance applications and information are available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • In order to be considered for full assistance, you must complete, sign and provide all supporting documentation required on our Financial Assistance Application.
  • Financial Assistance polices apply to United States residents.
  • Non-United States residents may be reviewed on an exception basis (emergent, urgent or traumatic care, but may not apply to aftercare / follow-up services).
  • Please allow 7 business days for our review process. We will notify you of our determination of qualification by letter.

Financial assistance application

Plain language summary

Financial assistance policy

Billing and collection policy

Physicians who bill independently

Miscellaneous Documents

Uninsured Patients

Uninsured patients may be eligible for a self-pay discount. This discount is up to 45% of your total charges. Please note, any self-pay or financial assistance discount applied is reversed if:

  • Insurance is applied
  • A Third Party Liability (TPL) is identified
  • A settlement is identified
  • A miscellaneous source of payment is identified

Pick up an application in person

Pick up an application at one of the following locations:

  • UF Health Shands Hospital and UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital
    Admissions Department, Room 1331, or Room 1335-1
    1600 SW Archer Road
    Gainesville, FL 32610
  • UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital
    Admissions Department, Room 1319
    1515 SW Archer Road
    Gainesville, FL 32608
  • UF Health Heart & Vascular and Neuromedicine Hospitals
    Cashier’s Office, Room 1522
    1505 SW Archer Road
    Gainesville, FL 32608
  • UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital
    Admissions Department, Room 1105.5
    4101 NW 89th Boulevard
    Gainesville, FL 32606
  • UF Health Shands Patient Financial Services
    3300 SW Williston Road
    Gainesville, FL 32608
  • UF Health Leesburg Hospital
    600 E Dixie Avenue
    Leesburg, FL 34748
  • UF Health the Villages Hospital
    1451 El Camino Real
    The Villages, FL 32612

Turn in an application

You can send us your completed application:

By Mail:

  • UF Health Financial Assistance
    PO BOX 100334
    Gainesville, FL 32610

In Person:

  • Patient Financial Services Customer Service
    3300 SW Williston Road
    Gainesville, FL 32608
  • UF Health Admissions Department
    1600 SW Archer Rd, Room 1335-1
    Gainesville, FL 32608
  • UF Health Leesburg Hospital
    600 E Dixie Avenue
    Leesburg, FL 34748
  • UF Health the Villages Hospital
    1451 El Camino Real
    The Villages, FL 32612

We Are Here to Help

Our Customer Service team is ready to assist you.

Price Transparency and Patient Billing

The Florida Health Price Finder provides you data on health care costs for national, state, and county prices. This information helps you in making informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider.

Cost estimates are based on a compilation of charges for the average patient. Every person's care is different; you may have additional services. Your actual costs will be based on services provided for your care.

Personalized estimates

You can receive a personalized estimate for your services. Please contact us to:

  • Receive a personalized estimate for your hospital stay
  • Receive information on our billing practices
  • Receive information on who contracts with your insurance provider or HMO. Some providers might not contract with the same insurers as the hospital. These providers bill independently and may not be covered by your insurance.

Hospital performance data

How we calculate our averages

UF Health Shands uses the "look-back" method to determine "amounts generally billed" (AGB) to individuals who have insurance covering emergency or other medically necessary care. The AGB is determined utilizing the look-back method as described in Code of Federal Regulations, Title 26, Internal Revenue Service 1.501(r)-5(b)(3). The AGB percentage applicable as of 07/01/2022 is 20.55%, resulting in a minimum discount of 79.45% applied to gross charges.

The percentage was calculated using all claims allowed by Medicare fee-for-service for both inpatient and outpatient services having discharge dates from 07/01/21 to 06/30/22. Total expected payment from allowed claims was divided by total billed charges for such claims.

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