For Patients

For PatientsOur goal is to provide the best patient care. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the quality of care that you or a family member are receiving or have received at our hospital, do not hesitate to speak with your nurse or the nursing supervisor.

If you feel that your issue wasn’t resolved, please contact a Patient Representative at 352-265-0123 with your compliments, complaints, or concerns. You may call at any time during or after your stay.

Ethics Advisory Committee

When a health-care choice also involves an ethical concern—such as a family member’s wish to refuse life-sustaining treatment, or a disagreement between family members or other caregivers concerning Advance Directives— decision-making can become overwhelming. An Ethics Consultation team is available to hear such concerns.

Requests for a consultation may be made by the patient, a family member, the physician, the social worker, nurse or other staff member. To find out more, or to request a consultation, call 352-265-0123 or 352-265-0111 after hours.